Monday, October 16, 2006

Artist Profile 1 part 1 Silvac

Sorry about yesterday every one I ran out of time but I’m here now and today I a doing the first artist profile of an interesting fan artist that goes by the name Silvac on the web.
I originally found this artist on the Halo machinima RedvsBlue. I latter found his deviantART account which a link will be provided at the end.

Silvac is currently living in the sunny state of California working as a freelance artist for Broken Console studios. He also mentioned that he is not currently doing commissions.

The reason that I suspect it the long awaited halo flash series that he has been working on installation seven. He has a tiny part of episode one up on his deviantART here

Although were looking at him for his halo art Silvac also does Elder scrolls fan art. With his time being pushed towards the working on his flash animation we have vary few complete halo drawings and like me his is a fan of the ODST although most of those drawing are incomplete his complete ones are usually elites. I am being shoved of tobed so please check back tomorrow for part 2 Peace

Your friendlily neighbourhood DuckMan

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Hello every one welcome back to halos artist source. This is day three and I’m still going but tonight I ran a little late and am unable to right a review. Although I will say I will have one tomorrow night so remember keep on fraging Peace.

Your friendlily neighborhood DuckMan

Saturday, October 14, 2006

HGN Gallery Review #1 Isaac Hannaford Brute

As I’m writing this midnight is quickly approaching I have decided to review one of the illustrations from Halo graphic novel instead of one of the stories.

The image I am going to review is the one of the brute and the marine on page

107. Bungie has also posted the image on there web site and I imagine you have all seen it but if not here is the link .

In the rest of the reviews I will not mention this but first I will tell you a little bit about the artist Isaac Hannaford. Isaac Hannaford is a concept artist currently working for Bungie. other games he has worked for has been saints row, and the punisher game.

This piece in particular is varied in detail. In some places mainly metal areas the strokes are clean and are blended almost perfectly. While in other areas the strokes are sloppily laid down like in the hand and other parts of the hair have the ands of the strands laying on tope of other hairs. With the few minor faults in this pieces of work the over all style is impressive as with most of the art work in the HGN.

Remember to bookmark the blog and check back tomorrow for another exciting review in till then keep fraging

Your friendlily neighborhood DuckMan

Friday, October 13, 2006

Post 1

Hello every one and welcome to the halo art blog. In this blog I will review some of the great halo art. With over 7 million copies of halo 2 sold there is a huge halo fan base and with fans there are always great artists.

With this being a new blog I’m sure you all could care less about me reviewing your work but if you would like me too please feel free to email me at

Also other then just reviewing fan art I will also review some of the great official art and of course the halo graphic novel.

I will be trying to update this once a day but if I start to slack of I will defiantly post once a week so in till then keep on fragging halo fans

your friendly neighborhood DuckMan